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Step 1: Disney's Magical Express® Information

When staying at a Disney Resort hotel, Guests are eligible for Disney's Magical Express service, which provides transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport. Disney’s Magical Express service is continuing to operate, with some modifications. Disney's Magical Express service will no longer be providing luggage delivery for those arriving to and departing from the airport. The resort airline check-in service is also no longer available. Prior to arrival, the Disney's Magical Express confirmation letter will be mailed to you.

Please fill in the Reservation and Contact Information below, then press the "Continue" button for Step 2.

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Disney's Magical Express cofirmation letter will be mailed to you.

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Step 2: Travel Information

Disney’s Magical Express Service provides transportation for Disney Resort hotel Guests between Orlando International Airport and their Disney Resort hotel via motorcoach. Reservations are required to use this service. Disney’s Magical Express service will no longer be offered starting with arrivals January 1, 2022. The service will continue to operate for new and existing reservations made at Disney Resort hotels for arrivals throughout 2021.

Luggage delivery for those arriving to and departing from the airport and Resort Airline Check-In Service are no longer available.

Please provide the flight information as indicated below. Note that Disney's Magical Express service can be selected on a round-trip basis, or for either arrival or departure. Please check the appropriate boxes below. Then press the "Continue" button for Step 3.

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I would like Disney's Magical Express service for my Arrival into the Orlando International Airport.

I would like Disney's Magical Express service for my Departure from the Orlando International Airport.

Special Requests (optional)

If someone in your party is traveling on another flight and also wants to participate in Disney's Magical Express service, press the "Add A Flight Group" button.

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Step 3: Review

Please review the information that was provided in the previous steps. To edit the information, press the "Back" button. Otherwise, if the information is correct, press the "Continue" button.

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Your Request for Disney's Magical Express service has been submitted!

Thank you. If applicable your Disney's Magical Express documents will be mailed approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to arrival. If there are changes to the flight information after today, please submit another form.

For Guests who do not receive a booklet, please see below for details about the service.

Before You Leave Home

Be sure to pack any medications, valuables, and any other essential items you will need upon arrival into a carry-on bag.

Arrival at Orlando International Airport

Please take the train from your gate to the main terminal and proceed to Disney's Magical Express located on the B side, level 1. You may follow the airport signs to Disney's Magical Express.

Luggage Delivery

You have two options:

  • 1. You can pick up your luggage at baggage claim located on Level 2 and bring it with you on the motorcoach. Bell Services can provide assistance to your room upon check-in.
  • 2. You may proceed to the Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center and Disney will collect your luggage. You will need to provide your airline baggage claim check numbers to the Disney representatives.

Luggage delivery to your resort room may take up to 4 hours to arrive after you have checked in at the resort. You do not need to be in your room to receive your luggage.

Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center

To check-in for your transportation, you will be asked to confirm your return flight information. You will then board a motorcoach that will take you to your resort. Your travel time may take 45-75 minutes as the motorcoaches may make up to three stops before arriving at your resort.

Walt Disney World Departure

The day prior to check-out, you will receive a Transportation Notice with your motorcoach departure time and location. To ensure that you do not miss your flight, motorcoach departure times are scheduled approximately 3 hours prior to your flight departure time for domestic flights and 4 hours prior for international flights.

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